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Bored Quotes

"A finished person is a boring person."

Full 'Anna Quindlen' Quote   Source: Anna Quindlen
"worth more than an immortal work that bores everyone...."

Full 'Francis Picabia' Quote   Source: Francis Picabia
"done before, then let's do it. Pretty boring, huh?..."

Full 'Cameron Diaz' Quote   Source: Cameron Diaz
"Anyone bored these days is not paying attention."

Full 'Bill Copeland' Quote   Source: Bill Copeland
"Bores bore each other too; but it never seems to teach them anything."

Full 'Don Marquis' Quote   Source: Don Marquis
"are worried to death and those who are bored to death...."

Full 'Winston Churchill' Quote   Source: Winston Churchill
"hopelessly bewildered, drawn off its centers, bored, or atrophied...."

Full 'James Agee' Quote   Source: James Agee
"Every hero becomes a bore at last."

Full 'Ralph Waldo Emerson' Quote   Source: Ralph Waldo Emerson
"much, in such fiendish detail, to be boring about...."

Full 'Louis Kronenberger' Quote   Source: Louis Kronenberger
"believe in the dull lie --- make your story boring enough and no one will"

Full 'Sara Paretsky' Quote   Source: Sara Paretsky
"commandments. The first nine are, thou shalt not bore. The tenth is, thou..."

Full 'Billy Wilder' Quote   Source: Billy Wilder
"I hope some animal never bores a hole in my head and lays its eggs in my..."

Full 'Jack Handy' Quote   Source: Jack Handy
"I know many books which have bored their readers, but I know of none which"

Full 'Voltaire' Quote   Source: Voltaire
"one theme or subject. I end up getting bored with that theme and write..."

Full 'Courtney Love' Quote   Source: Courtney Love
"not making any money. Good investing is boring...."

Full 'George Soros' Quote   Source: George Soros
"If you think you're boring your audience, go slower not faster."

Full 'Gustav Mahler' Quote   Source: Gustav Mahler
"If you're bored with life -- you don't get up every morning with a burning..."

Full 'Lou Holtz' Quote   Source: Lou Holtz
"the game's played now, it's a pretty boring game...."

Full 'Mario Lemieux' Quote   Source: Mario Lemieux
"I'm rather bored by the subject-meaning me. It's a sort of a yoke, but at..."

Full 'Laurence Olivier' Quote   Source: Laurence Olivier
"It was kind of boring for me to have to eat. I would know that I had to,"

Full 'Kate Moss' Quote   Source: Kate Moss
"It's got to be boring -- having to share a bathroom with someone."

Full 'Jodie Foster' Quote   Source: Jodie Foster
"It's such a Bore Being always Poor"

Full 'Langston Hughes' Quote   Source: Langston Hughes
"unlike Christ, was a man of violence, he bore arms, was wounded in battle..."

Full 'John Keegan' Quote   Source: John Keegan
"biggest concern during a race is getting bored. The biggest thing I have to..."

Full 'Mario Andretti' Quote   Source: Mario Andretti
"played are really like me. That would be boring. It wouldn't be acting."

Full 'Anna Paquin' Quote   Source: Anna Paquin
"jobs that once stimulated you can become boring. But principles remain..."

Full 'Nido Qubein' Quote   Source: Nido Qubein
"People find ideas a bore because they do not distinguish between live ones"

Full 'Ezra Pound' Quote   Source: Ezra Pound
"else it is nothing, an empty, formalised bore around which pedants can..."

Full 'F Scott Fitzgerald' Quote   Source: F Scott Fitzgerald
"Punctuality is the virtue of the bored."

Full 'Evelyn Waugh' Quote   Source: Evelyn Waugh
"--- Formed of two mighty tribes, the Bores and Bored...."

Full 'George Byron' Quote   Source: George Byron
"Somebody's boring me. I think it's me."

Full 'Dylan Thomas' Quote   Source: Dylan Thomas
"The age of chivalry is past. Bores have succeeded to dragons."

Full 'Benjamin Disraeli' Quote   Source: Benjamin Disraeli
"about being a celebrity is that, if you bore people, they think it's their"

Full 'Henry Kissinger' Quote   Source: Henry Kissinger