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Intellectuals Quotes

"second, to do what you do want to do. Intellectuals are too sentimental for..."

Full 'Margaret Anderson' Quote   Source: Margaret Anderson
"[Our understanding is] not intellectual, but instinctive."

Full 'Ann Richards' Quote   Source: Ann Richards
"snobs who characterize themselves as intellectuals...."

Full 'Spiro Agnew' Quote   Source: Spiro Agnew
"All of us were slowly losing that intellectual light that allows you always..."

Full 'Umberto Eco' Quote   Source: Umberto Eco
"inventions have endowed material forces with intellectual life, and..."

Full 'Karl Marx' Quote   Source: Karl Marx
"been its drastic uninterestingness as an intellectual position. Where was..."

Full 'John Updike' Quote   Source: John Updike
"An intellectual is a man who doesn't know how to park a bike."

Full 'Spiro Agnew' Quote   Source: Spiro Agnew
"An intellectual is a man who takes more words than necessary to tell more"

Full 'Dwight D Eisenhower' Quote   Source: Dwight D Eisenhower
"An intellectual is someone whose mind watches itself."

Full 'Albert Camus' Quote   Source: Albert Camus
"An intellectual snob is someone who can listen to the William Tell Overture..."

Full 'Dan Rather' Quote   Source: Dan Rather
"Culture is both an intellectual phenomenon and a moral one."

Full 'Raisa Gorbachev' Quote   Source: Raisa Gorbachev
"Cynicism is intellectual dandyism without the coxcomb's feathers."

Full 'George Meredith' Quote   Source: George Meredith
"Cynicism is the intellectual cripple's substitute for intelligence."

Full 'J. Russell Lynes' Quote   Source: J. Russell Lynes
"public is not to my taste; there are intellectual and spiritual pudenda as..."

Full 'Finley Peter Dunne' Quote   Source: Finley Peter Dunne
"like education, it puts people into an intellectual class."

Full 'Joseph Cubby' Quote   Source: Joseph Cubby
"ideas assigned to me as though I was an intellectual slave because I'm..."

Full 'Clarence Thomas' Quote   Source: Clarence Thomas
"I can name you a hundred intellectual reasons why I oppose the death..."

Full 'Steve Earle' Quote   Source: Steve Earle
"I could never think well of a man's intellectual or moral character, if he..."

Full 'Nathaniel Emmons' Quote   Source: Nathaniel Emmons
"passion and love and enthusiasm to the intellectual process that was like..."

Full 'Jodie Foster' Quote   Source: Jodie Foster
"vulnerable. [You must] reach the emotional and intellectual level of..."

Full 'Jack Lemmon' Quote   Source: Jack Lemmon
"I'm not a natural leader. I'm too intellectual; I'm too abstract; I think"

Full 'Newt Gingrich' Quote   Source: Newt Gingrich
"Intellectual activity is a danger to the building of character."

Full 'Joseph Goebbels' Quote   Source: Joseph Goebbels
"Intellectuals cannot tolerate the chance event, the unintelligible: they..."

Full 'Raymond Aron' Quote   Source: Raymond Aron
"it were not for the intellectual snobs who pay - in solid cash - the arts..."

Full 'Aldous Huxley' Quote   Source: Aldous Huxley
"and Pulitzer Prize poets and certain intellectuals in this country to sign..."

Full 'Floyd Patterson' Quote   Source: Floyd Patterson
"Jargon allows us to camouflage intellectual poverty with verbal"

Full 'David Pratt' Quote   Source: David Pratt
"American movies steer clear from having any intellectual pretenses"

Full 'Holly Hunter' Quote   Source: Holly Hunter
"offer as the worst their effect on the intellectual side of the nation. It..."

Full 'Ben Hecht' Quote   Source: Ben Hecht
"continues to add something to the material, intellectual and moral..."

Full 'Booker T. Washington' Quote   Source: Booker T. Washington
"Some ideas are so stupid that only intellectuals could believe them."

Full 'Michael Levine' Quote   Source: Michael Levine
"Equities: Physical, Spiritual, Psychological, Intellectual, Emotional,..."

Full 'Michael Vance' Quote   Source: Michael Vance
"The intellectual man requires a fine bait; the sots are easily amused. But..."

Full 'Ralph Waldo Emerson' Quote   Source: Ralph Waldo Emerson
"The intellectual who no longer feels attached to anything is not satisfied..."

Full 'Raymond Aron' Quote   Source: Raymond Aron
"To wisdom belongs the intellectual apprehension of things eternal; to..."

Full 'Saint Augustine' Quote   Source: Saint Augustine
"optimism is most often the effect on an intellectual error."

Full 'Raymond Aron' Quote   Source: Raymond Aron