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Irritating Quotes

"A good example is more irritating than a bad one."

Full 'John McAfee' Quote   Source: John McAfee
"Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding"

Full 'Carl Gustav Jung' Quote   Source: Carl Gustav Jung
"she feels this, a place to love and be irritated with...."

Full 'Louise Erdrich' Quote   Source: Louise Erdrich
"I am irritated by my writing. I am like a violinist whose ear is true, but..."

Full 'Gustav Flaubert' Quote   Source: Gustav Flaubert
"brushing at it because the feel of it is irritating...."

Full 'Marian Anderson' Quote   Source: Marian Anderson
"the judge, it's a very stupid thing to irritate me!"

Full 'Judge Judy' Quote   Source: Judge Judy
"The most irritating experience an artist can have is to have his work..."

Full 'Andrew Wyeth' Quote   Source: Andrew Wyeth
"The truth only irritates those it enlightens, but does not convert."

Full 'Pasquier Quesnel' Quote   Source: Pasquier Quesnel
"quantities calms men; in larger, heats and irritates them and is attended..."

Full 'Walter Savage Landor' Quote   Source: Walter Savage Landor