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Mad Quotes

"quenched, but grows more inflamed and madder by enjoyment...."

Full 'Thomas Otway' Quote   Source: Thomas Otway
"Everyone is more or less mad on one point."

Full 'Rudyard Kipling' Quote   Source: Rudyard Kipling
"For mad scientists who keep brains in jars, here's a tip: Why not add a..."

Full 'Jack Handy' Quote   Source: Jack Handy
"which, if true, might drive a wise man mad...."

Full 'Walter Bagehot' Quote   Source: Walter Bagehot
"is as irrational as great music. It is mad with its own loveliness."

Full 'George Jean Nathan' Quote   Source: George Jean Nathan
"happiness fails, existence remains a mad and lamentable experiment...."

Full 'George Santayana' Quote   Source: George Santayana
"healthy spot for the site of his house is mad and ought to be handed over..."

Full 'Marcus Terentius Varro' Quote   Source: Marcus Terentius Varro
"an enigma, a harmless enigma that is made terrible by our own mad attempt..."

Full 'Umberto Eco' Quote   Source: Umberto Eco
"I read books like mad, but I am careful to to let anything I read influence"

Full 'Michael Caine' Quote   Source: Michael Caine
"the war, but I could not. The North was mad and blind, would not let us..."

Full 'Jefferson Davis' Quote   Source: Jefferson Davis
"wasn't an actor, I think I'd have gone mad. You have to have extra voltage,..."

Full 'Laurence Olivier' Quote   Source: Laurence Olivier
"inglorious spot, While round us bark the mad hungry dogs, Making their mock..."

Full 'Claude Mckay' Quote   Source: Claude Mckay
"If you fear making anyone mad, then you ultimately probe for the lowest..."

Full 'Jimmy Carter' Quote   Source: Jimmy Carter
"horse, I bet it would really make you mad if you looked back and the guy..."

Full 'Jack Handy' Quote   Source: Jack Handy
"perfectionist, so I can drive myself mad -- and other people, too. At the..."

Full 'Michelle Pfeiffer' Quote   Source: Michelle Pfeiffer
"like, 'Oh my God, everything is dark and mad and violent'; it doesn't leave..."

Full 'Woody Harrelson' Quote   Source: Woody Harrelson
"hippie cult leader. I am what you have made of me and the mad dog devil..."

Full 'Charles Manson' Quote   Source: Charles Manson
"squeezes your heart tight and you stays so mad with peoples you feels sick..."

Full 'Margaret Walker' Quote   Source: Margaret Walker
"religion what astrology is to astronomy; the mad daughter of a wise mother."

Full 'Voltaire' Quote   Source: Voltaire
"There is only one difference between a madman and me. I am not mad."

Full 'Salvador Dali' Quote   Source: Salvador Dali
"orphans and the homeless, whether the mad destruction is wrought under the..."

Full 'Mahatma Gandhi' Quote   Source: Mahatma Gandhi
"gods wish to destroy, they first make mad."

Full 'Euripides' Quote   Source: Euripides
"the gods would destroy, they first make mad with power."

Full 'Charles Austin Beard' Quote   Source: Charles Austin Beard
"the truth, and the truth shall make you mad."

Full 'Aldous Huxley' Quote   Source: Aldous Huxley
"right-handed haters out there don’t be mad the left-handers we got our..."

Full 'Twista' Quote   Source: Twista
"You can't stay mad at somebody who makes you laugh."

Full 'Jay Leno' Quote   Source: Jay Leno