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Relax Quotes

"in Christ. We're with you, let it go, relax...."

Full 'Marjoe Gortner' Quote   Source: Marjoe Gortner
"follow, my route is uncomplicated and relaxed. My path has one religious..."

Full 'Gulsha Fawzia ' Quote   Source: Gulsha Fawzia
"I try to be relaxed. That's one of the things I try to do, is be extremely"

Full 'Bill Murray' Quote   Source: Bill Murray
"I'm more relaxed here in general. The easiest part for me is putting on the..."

Full 'Ron Tugnutt' Quote   Source: Ron Tugnutt
"up its sleeve, and if everybody would relax, please, it would do its best..."

Full 'Walter Kerr' Quote   Source: Walter Kerr
"out about another part of life, a more relaxing and spiritual part and a..."

Full 'Joe Pesci' Quote   Source: Joe Pesci
"Relax into the present moment."

Full 'Gary Zukav' Quote   Source: Gary Zukav
"industrious; Every moment alert, but relaxed."

Full 'Guy Finley' Quote   Source: Guy Finley
"Wait for those unguarded moments. Relax the mood and, like the child..."

Full 'Barbara Walters' Quote   Source: Barbara Walters
"hundred of movies in the can and time to relax on the warm beach...."

Full 'Keanu Reeves' Quote   Source: Keanu Reeves
"we're making movies. Let's everybody relax...."

Full 'Alec Baldwin' Quote   Source: Alec Baldwin