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slackers Quotes

The sooner you fall behind, the more
time you have to get caught up.
?Keith Pawluck

Hard work has a future.
Laziness pays off now.
?Bumper Sticker

Why should i remember anything
if i can just look it up?
?Albert Einstein

The reward for a job well
done is more work.
?Source Unknown

I never did a day's work
in my life, it was all fun.
?Thomas Alva Edison

Do something really bad the
first time, and no one will ever
think of asking you again
?Stewart Gary

Slackers are waiting for their
ship to come in, but the haven't
wandered down to the docks to
meet it. Most times their ship doesn't
travel by water anyway.
?Slacker Proverb

Never put off til tomorow what can
be put off til the day after tomorow
?Rob Sweatman

Efficiency is intelligent laziness.
?David Dunham

Slackers aren't stupid, they
are just too lazy to do
anything about their situation.
?Slacker Proverb

Each success only buys an admission
ticket to a more difficult problem.
?Henry Kissinger

I slack, therefore, I am... doing nothing
?Dave White