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the sexes Quotes

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the sexes Quotes

The female of the species is
more deadly than the male.
?Rudyard Kipling

It is the difference between men and
women, not the sameness,
that creates the tension and the delight.
?Edward Abbey

Do you know why the Lord withheld
the sense of humor from women? So that we
may love you instead of laugh at you.
?Mrs. Patrick Campbell

When women hold off from marrying
men, we call it independence. When men
hold off from marrying women,
we call it fear of commitment.
?Warren Farrell

Men represent the triumph
of mind over morals, whereas
women represent the triumph
of matter over mind.
?Dorian Gray

Women and cats do as they damned
well please, and men and dogs
had best learn to live with it.
?Alan Holbrook

Whatever women do
they must do twice as well
as men to be thought half as good.
Luckily, this is not difficult.
?Charlotte Whitton

A woman's always younger
than a man of equal years.
?Elizabeth Barrett Browning

A man's as old as he's feeling.
A woman as old as she looks.
?Mortimer Collins

When a man says it's a
silly, childish game, it's
probably something
his wife can beat him at.
?Epperson's Law

The idea of masculinity has now
been commercialized. Femininity
had been commercialized a while ago.
But men, in general,
have lost what the meaning of
what being a man is all about.

The internal qualities once said to embody
manhood- sure footedness, inner
strength, confidence of purpose- are
merchandised to men to enhance their
manliness. What passes for masculinity
is being extracted and sold back to men.
Literally in the case of Viagra.
?Susan Faludi

There is one thing women
can never take away from
men. We die sooner.
?P. J. O'Rourke

Women who seek to be
equal with men lack ambition.
?Timothy Leary

Men naturally despise those who
court them, but respect those who
do not give way to them.

In the mythic schema of all relations
between men and women, man
proposes, and woman is disposed of.
?Angela Carter

A triumph of hope
over experience.
?Samuel Johnson

Show me a woman who
doesn't feel guilty,
and I'll show you a man.
?Erica Jong

I require only three things
of a man. He must be handsome,
ruthless and stupid.
?Dorothy Parker

Any girl can be glamorous;
all you have to do is stand
still and look stupid.
?Hedy Lamarr

Men are like fine wine.
They all start out like grapes,
and it's our job to stomp on them
and keep them in the dark until
they mature into something
you'd like to have dinner with
?Source Unknown

Women are like fine wine.
They all start out fresh, fruity
and intoxicating to the mind
and then they turn full-bodied with age
until they go sour and vinegary
and give you a headache.
?Source Unknown