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weakness Quotes

The weak have one weapon:
the errors of those who think
they are strong.
?George Bidault

Weak souls always set to
work at the wrong time.
?Cardinal De Rets

The weak are the most treacherous of us all.
They come to the strong and drain them.
They are bottomless. They are insatiable.
They are always parched and always bitter.
They are everyone's concern and like
vampires they suck our life's blood.
?Bette Davis

Man's biological weakness is the
condition of human culture.
?Erich Fromm

It is a talent of the weak to persuade
themselves that they suffer for something
when they suffer from something; that they
are showing the way when they are running away;
that they see the light when they feel the heat;
that they are chosen when they are shunned.
?Eric Hoffer

The acknowledgment of our weakness
is the first step in repairing our loss.
?Thomas ã Kempis

We are more often treacherous,
through weakness
than through calculation.
?Francois De La Rochefoucauld

A woman of mystique is fully aware
of her flaws and weaknesses, yet
she is strong enough to admit them
and not be embarrassed by them.
?Jean Lush

Human love is often but the
encounter of two weaknesses.
?Francois Mauriac

You cannot run away from weakness;
you must some time fight it out or
perish; and if that be so, why not now,
and where you stand?
?Robert Louis Stevenson

The tragedy of life is not so
much what men suffer,
but rather what they miss.
?Thomas Carlyle