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wrath Quotes

The tygers of wrath are wiser
than the horses of instruction.
?William Blake

We must set up a strong present tense against
all rumors of wrath, past and to come.
?Ralph Waldo Emerson

But when I breath with the birds, The
spirit of wrath becomes the spirit of
blessings, And the dead begin from
their dark to sing in my sleep.
?Theodore Roethke

Men often make up in wrath
what they want in reason.
?William R. Alger

Great innovators and original thinkers and
artists attract the wrath of mediocrities
as lightning rods draw the flashes.
?Theodor Reik

WRATH, n. Anger of a superior quality
and degree, appropriate to exalted
characters and momentous occasions; as,
"the wrath of God," "the day of wrath,"
etc. . . .
?Ambrose Bierce