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writers Quotes

The ability of writers to imagine what is not
the self, to familiarize the strange and mystify
the familiar, is the test of their power.
?Toni Morrison

Originality is nothing by judicious
imitation. The most original writers
borrowed one from another.

Like all writers, he measured the
achievements of others by what
they had accomplished, asking of them
that they measure him by
what he envisaged or planned.
?Jorge Luis Borges

Some editors are failed writers,
but so are most writers.
?T. S. Eliot

Science fiction writers foresee the
inevitable, and although
problems and catastrophes may be
inevitable, solutions are not.
?Isaac Asimov

For your born writer, nothing is so healing
as the realization
that he has come upon the right word.
?Catherine Drinker Bowen

For a creative writer possession of the "truth" is
less important than emotional sincerity.
?George Orwell

Creative writers are always greater than
the causes that they represent.
?E. M. Forster